Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek Studies / 2010
A multimedia gateway into modern Greek literature and culture

Yale's MacMillan Center partnered with the CMI2 to create a web-based resource about modern Greek literature and culture for use in its Hellenic Studies Program. This online resource offers Yale students and academics the opportunity to contextualize selected readings with multimedia content collected for and connected to the primary texts. The multimedia study environment not only offers distinct units of study corresponding to course curricula, but also enables thematic and self-guided exploration.

The process of gathering and organizing content for the project is facilitated by browser-based technology developed at the CMI2 for empowering faculty to collect and tag digital objects easily. Content encompassed in the collections include: images of art, culturally relevant music files, maps, historical entries, and biographical information on key personalities.

The environment is currently being piloted by the Hellenic Studies Program and studied by the CMI2 to determine its effectiveness and inform its evolution.